Yo, I'm Khanh - you can just call me "Kei" for easier prunciation. I'm a multidisciplinary designer & artist from Vietnam who currently live in Singapore and previously Hong Kong. I like to consider myself a visual creator of everything art-related including illustration (both traditionally and digitally), graphic design, photography, videography, handcrafting, and many more. This website is where I can show part of my creation to the world.

I have experience working in different fields, from multicultural startup, sustainable living brands, Japanese character licensing, to some freelance projects with F&B chains for marketing materials, as well as some experience working for digital advertising agencies. I'm capable of using many industry-standard softwares such as Adobe Creative Suite, as well as UI designing tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch. I am also trying to pick up 3D tools such as Blender and Zbrush occasionally.

Before having my first baby in 2021, whenever I'm not working on a design project, I would spend my "privileged" working-from-home time to make custom illustrations, join some game jams, bake some cakes, sew clothes, do embroidery, crochet toys for a charity group, take care of the stray cats for another charity group, or play Final Fantasy XIV. I care deeply about saving the environment and living a minimal, sustainable way of life. My dream is to retire with my dear hubby and children in a farm house with lots of adopted pets and a self-sustained vegetable garden.

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