Skica - skincare mobile app UI/UX design

(to be continued)

The MVP of Skica was recently acquired by a US company in the beauty industry. Yay to my first "startup exit" experience!


Project Overview


Skica is a mobile application using Machine Learning/AI to re-meet the human basic need: self-care. The app helps young people take care of their skin on a daily basis by acting as a cute personal assistant, giving them reminders, tips, guidance on their skincare journey.


Young people face some problems with skincare routine: they are not consistent to keep track of their regiment, products, activities; too many beauty products to choose from, overwhelmed by information; finding joy during skincare time.


  • Character design

  • UX: user flow, wireframes, UX writing.

  • UI: visual, prototype

  • Others: website design, marketing material, social media posts.


  • 1 Product Manager 

  • 1 Developer


Design an app that reminds and follows up people in real time to take care of their skin in an enjoyable way. Also uses AI to suggests suitable skincare routines and products that fit user' skin type, location or other traits.

Design Process

As a small self-taught app developing team, it was the first time we used the Double Diamond design methodology. Along the way, we learned how to deepen our design research skill through this model. Our goal was to release the MVP, but we also tried to think and research more about all the future features and other business-related aspects of the product.


Market Research

User Survey

Identify Problems & Goals

Competitive Analysis

User Persona

Redefined Goals

Customer Journey Map

User Stories


User Flows

Prioritize Features for MVP

Next Steps


The Discovery

Our main target users are young women and men from 18-30 years old, who face 3 main problems with their skincare routine:


People are not consistent to keep track of the regiment, products, activities they have been doing to see the impact to their skin.


Too many beauty products to choose from and it’s hard to really know what’s suitable with skin conditions, skin types to build up the routines.


It’s not only about skincare, but also self-care, nurturing people inside out, self-love during skincare time.


Julia is a Senior Account Executive who loves her work, however she has been concerning about its effects on her skin condition. Long intense working hours, and everyday make up, she always comes home to take care of her skin. She doesn't know where to start doing skincare, what information, what product is suitable.


Age: 24
Status: Single
Occupation: Senior Account Executive

Location: Chicago, USA
Income: $32,000

Julia Tran
  • Be reminded of skincare steps every day

  • Be suggested suitable skincare routine based on skin types, weather, location, occasions.

  • Be suggested suitable skincare products

  • Multiple devices.

  • Uses an Macbook at work and spends around 3 hours per day actively browsing the internet.

  • Mostly browses on her iPad at home.

  • Heavy user of social media.

  • First port of call is to Google things she wants to know.

  • Concerned that she won't be able to follow the routine

  • Worried that the routine may not be effective to her skin, lifestyle.

  • Worried that the products are not reliable or hard to find.

I need an easy way to keep me on track and even provide me with suitable products for my skin type.

Good appearance is important for my work, however I'm struggling to care for my skin because of busy schedule and lack of skin knowledge.

Website Design

soft launch website.png

Screen Mock-ups

skica slide.png

Marketing Materials

Facebook Cover - 1.png
Facebook Cover - 2.png
Facebook post - 2.png
Facebook post - 3.png
Facebook post - 1.png

MVP Prototype

(to be continued)

Skica - MVP Flowchart.PNG
Skica - MVP Flowchart 2.PNG

User Flows